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Tablet Building

Tablet building with Stemsparks allows students to handle all of the parts and connect all the cables to bring a fully functional tablet to life. They will discover how a computer works by learning about pixels, processors and binary. The secrets of how a touch screen works, tap, drag, swipe and learn.

Over 100 playful challenges and stories show you how to code. With simple steps your child will type code, drag blocks, learn python, JavaScript, and terminal commands. It’s very simple for beginners and can be expansive for experts. We want to bring the fun back into learning and improve the mental capacity of your kids which will enhance their learning aspects well into their adolescence.

With this kano computer kit and our expertise, your child will learn how to make art, music, games, code pictures and build animations. The fun innovation just doesn’t stop. They can take control of Minecraft, pong and snake.


These amazing robots build 21st century skills
and bring digital concepts to life.

Our aim at STEM Sparks is to get kids coding and loving robots, ozobots help do this using both technology and coloured markers.

Our workshops will introduce students to programming and computational thinking and explains what kind of robot Ozobot is. Students will learn how the robot works and then give commands to Ozobot using OzoCodes, which are special colour sequences.

Ozobot have lessons for Every Letter in STEM, below are some other lessons we use in our workshops.

Robot Programming

Sphero mini packs tons of fun into a tiny app-enabled robot. Here at Stem sparks, we’ll teach your kids how to code this nimble little robot using the Sphero Edu app on our ipads. Get your children ahead of the curve with the latest innovation of coding and face drive. Yes, the app allows full control of Sphero using facial recognition giving kids a fun, versatile introduction into robotics and programming.

Sphero mini’s games are fun and addictive as you can use the ball as a controller to shoot your way through space, race a ship through a tunnel, or rotate your ball to destroy a polygon of bricks. Sphero Edu uses app-enabled robots to foster creativity through discover and play, all while laying the foundation for computer science.

Our program goes beyond code, nurturing students’ imaginations in ways no other education program can.

3D Modelling

3D pens allow you to draw a raised graphic on a piece of paper or any flat surface. But what makes a 3D pen truly unique is its ability to “draw” in mid-air, allowing you to instantly form 3D structures right in front of you, which you can pick up and hold in your hand.

Our workshops incorporate 3D pens into educational themed lessons. Students will create 3d graphics using stencil designs based on Science, technology,  engineering  and maths structures. They will break down complex problems and objects into simpler shapes and designs, then join parts together to create a larger system.

3D pens expand the way your child learns, students who have trouble grasping abstract concepts can now touch and feel the results of a quick three-dimensional build.

Modeling Animal Habits and Habitats

We use Ozobots to show students how robots can be used to model mother nature. Students will use point counter Color Codes to make their bot to model a rabbit grazing on a grassy hill, then stopping after eating its fill.

3D Printing

Students will explore the mathematics and design of Fibonacci’s golden spiral in nature and then innovate and fabricating spider webs for a new type of spider based on the Fibonacci sequence.


Students will expand their skills to:

  • innovate, design and create a spider web for a new type of spider based on Fibonacci numbers.
  • generate the next numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.
  • use a 3Doodler to design and create a web and its spider.

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