New Stem Workshops for August 2019

Book slots at our exciting STEM workshops that we are holding at venues all around London for the August school summer break, inspire your youngsters to catch up with the latest STEM science, technology, engineering and maths topics that they can explore, learn and enjoy to boost their knowledge of modern technologies with practical hands-on […]

Stem Workshop at Bromley Library

What a brilliant opportunity for a youngster that is keen on learning about the science and technology of programming and playing their own video game, creating an exciting 3D design from their imagination and being able to hold it, or experience the technical achievement of having built and programmed a robot themselves. Five different activity […]

STEM Workshop coming to town

For all of the enthusiastic youngsters eager to learn about programming robots, creating 3D printed gadgets and models, making exceptionally decorated SLIME and learning to create their very own electronic games, why not treat them to a session or two at one of our STEM workshops – we will be holding these special events at […]